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Custom Steel Fabrication

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With a fulltime CAD designer, certified welder and computer-controlled plasma cutter, SWC is capable of designing and fabricating a large variety of custom-made steel fabrications for joining timbers.

This includes truss mounting and connection hardware as well as steel fabrications for other timber joinery applications such as:

  • Column Bases
  • Angle Brackets
  • Knife Plates
  • Beam Saddles
  • Clevis and Tie-rod Connection Brackets
  • Steel Logo Pieces
  • Ornamental Shapes (stars, etc)
  • Other Wood-to-Wood or Wood-to-Steel Connection Hardware

We supply steel fabrications associated with truss and timber jobs, or independently for customers having specific hardware requirements only. Tie-rods, bolting and clevises can be sourced to go with the steel fabrications.

SWC can work with customer plans, or offer design assistance as needed.  Certified engineering can be provided if required.  Material and coating options are the same as that discussed in our Timber Truss hardware section.